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Cotto speaks out on Mayweather/Pacquiao

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Cotto has voiced his opinion about Pac's refusal to take the drug test

Cotto has voiced his opinion on Pac's refusal to take the drug tests

Miguel Cotto has waded into the PBF/Pac controversy by claiming he has been astounded at Pacquiao reluctance to to comply with the drug tests that Floyd has requested.

Cotto who was stopped by Pac last month feels that Pac can clear up any questions over his astonishing success by taking the tests and then beating Mayweather. Yet the fact he seems so against these tests ‘raises questions’.

“I am in complete awe with Manny’s reaction to this matter. He has always been a great athlete and a gentleman. Why in the world would he require restrictions or conditions for the tests? It is a golden opportunity for him to dissipate all worldwide rumors surrounding his figure and the use of enhancement drugs. His refusal to commit to the tests without conditions raises questions.”

Some will inevitably say this is sour grapes from the Puerto Rican who was just short of dominated but Cotto has been more than gracious in defeat.


Written by CLK FPC

December 29, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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